Run Bird Run
2 laps* around the Camp Reserve

Get ready to dash after the bird as he attempts to out run all those that chase. An entertaining kids'n’all welcome fun run.

* The route around the Camp Reserve will be revealed on the day.
But watch our social media feeds for upates…
A special prize await anoyone that can catch the bird

PLEASE NOTE: Entry is free to all competitors but you still need to register!

Castlemaine Toyota

Bumper Bubble Ball Relay Challenge. Camp Reserve

16 teams*, 4 heats*, 1 final, ultimate bragging rights. Castlemaine are you ready for this? *maybe more

This is a very special event open to our sponsors and supporters only. With hurdles, inflatables & obstacles to negotiate, all set to a pulsating soundtrack, expect all manner of ridiculousness to ensue. There can be only one winning team…

More to be announced soon.